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Certification Course is available in Australia and New Zealand by qualified and certified Dr. Abe SEMCD Instructors.

Dr. Abe Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEMCD Dentures)

What are SEMCD Dentures?

SEMCD is an acronym for Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture and is a revolutionary denture technique founded and developed by Dr. Jiro Abe in 1999. SEMCD uses the soft tissues (i.e. the tongue, buccal mucosa, sublingual tissue) to seal the entire length of the mandibular denture providing more support for the denture. This creates a stronger seal and complete suction that keeps the denture firmly in place. It is ideal for patients with abnormal mandibular ridges or those who can’t afford full dental implant treatments. Commonly referred to as ‘suction false teeth’ by many patients, SEMCD dentures are a viable option for more than 80% of patients who continue to struggle with conventional dentures.

Since 2004, Dr. Abe has been sharing this innovative denture technique with the rest of the world, providing lectures, training, and materials about SEMCD. Dr. Abe also established an international network of Certified Instructors for SEMCD, helping more dental professionals learn about this innovative denture technique by undertaking a complete denture course. Denture training courses conducted by certified instructors are now available worldwide for dental practitioners to gain the necessary skills to successfully implement SEMCD in their dental practice.

Dr. Abe SEMCD Australia and New Zealand is the official SEMCD organisation for the AUNZ region and we maintain a network of certified practitioners and laboratories across the region. For professionals looking for SEMCD certification, intensive denture training courses are available. For patients looking for BPS suction dentures use the ‘Find a Provider’ link to find qualified practitioners near you.

BPS Suction Dentures and SEMCD

The Bio-functional Prosthetic System is a complete system of professional expertise and quality that has become the gold standard for fit, comfort and function in dentures. Developed through a close working relationship between dental technicians and dental prosthetists it is designed to work with your body as harmoniously as possible. Patients treated with SEMCD suction dentures fabricated using the BPS system often report increased functionality, greater comfort and a more natural appearance with their dentures; Making BPS suction denture fabrication the method of choice for dental prosthetists worldwide.

SEMCD Denture Training Courses for Professionals

Upgrade your skills and provide superior quality dentures to your patients by undertaking a hands on denture course conducted by certified SEMCD dental prosthetists. Denture courses for dentists are available in several locations across the Australia and New Zealand region.

The Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture Course is an intensive 2-day course for this revolutionary technique pioneered by Dr. Jiro Abe from Japan. This training course is one of the pre-requisites for obtaining official SEMCD certification and includes lectures, technical training and clinical training on the key aspects of fabricating BPS Suction Dentures.

Upon completion of the denture making course and other requirements you will receive:

  • Certification allowing you to perform the SEMCD technique on your patients.
  • Official listing on as a certified provider.
  • Certification logos for all your marketing materials.
  • Direct access to certified SEMCD instructors in Australia and New Zealand for continued mentoring and support.

Obtain your SEMCD certification today by undertaking a BPS denture course at one of our training locations Australia and New Zealand wide. Our hands on denture course will give you the skills and technical knowledge to effectively use the SEMCD technique. Find out more about how a SEMCD denture training course can further equip your dental practice with the capability to utilise Dr. Abe’s revolutionary technique here.

Demonstration of the effective suction of SEMCD
A close up photo of a set of dentures

SEMCD Dentures for Patients

Patients who continue to struggle with a loose, ill-fitting or painful lower denture will quickly find the advantages of making the switch to a suction effective mandibular complete denture or ‘suction false teeth’ an easy choice. Full mandibular dentures have long been a challenge for dental professionals and patients, primarily because of the instability of mandibular dentures. Conventual mandibular dentures are notorious for becoming loose or popping out whenever patients open their mouths wide, making them unreliable long-term solutions for lower teeth replacement.

Conventional denture techniques also rely on stretching out the chewing muscles, which widens the denture bearing area and makes these muscles work harder to hold the dentures in place. Many practitioners also tend to hold undercuts by extending denture borders into the mylohyoid fossa, which can cause chronic pain and discomfort to many patients.

By using the soft tissues to support the mandibular denture BPS Suction Dentures provide suction false teeth that have much better retention and stability over conventional dentures. Its suction mechanism also holds the denture in place more reliably, keeping it more stable while allowing more natural movements of the mouth.

Need more information BPS Suction Dentures? Head over to our for patients page for an in-depth look at how SEMCD dentures have revolutionised the lower denture industry. Or find a provider near you today to see how a suction effective mandibular complete denture can increase your quality of life with dentures. All our providers have undergone intensive BPS Denture Courses and have gained certification to provide SEMCD Dentures in the AUNZ region.

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